Lets build your new bike


Buying a new bike - buying on the internet has some great advantages, particularly the price. However, you need to ensure that your new bike is built and setup correctly.

  • The wrong torc settings can damage new composite and carbon frames.

  • Brakes need to be correctly setup, or bedding in for disc brakes - to ensure they are safe and reliable.

  • Ensuring all the bolts and bearings are properly set with the correct lubricant/carbon assembly compound

  • Ensuring that your new bike is correctly fitted for you.

Whether it is a new bike for Christmas, a new commuter bike or your new race bike.  Let us help you build your new bike and set it up correctly.

  • New bike inspection ensuring all parts are correct and working. 

  • Insured storage of Christmas bikes

  • Fitting all the accessories you're require.

  • Video Bike fitting

  • New build report, including all torc and spoke settings