• Neil Collings

Putting Your Summer Bike Away for Winter

So the nights are drawing in, your riding gear is now long sleeves, neck warmer and bootys are on. So are it's time to get your winter-bike out. But wait, what about my summer bike......

Have you just dumped your summer bike in the corner without preparing it properly first?

Here’s a checklist for storing your summer bike for winter:

Give your frame a wipe and a protective coat

While you’re wiping down your frame after you’ve washed your bike ( of course you washed it after your last ride, didn't you ), keep a look out for scratches, stresses on the frame and fatigue. Tip: Make notes of anything you want your LBC to take a looked at in the spring.

Give the frame a spray with a gloss or matt protective spray. It helps keep your bike looking great, but also helps to repel moisture.

Lube the chain and cables

Don’t forget to re-lube up your bike after its wash – this will prevent rust, and keep it looking bright and clean. Dry lube is better than oil as oil will dry out and may need cleaning before your first ride.

Check the cable for wear and think battery

Check gear and brake cables for wear, plan to replace them so your ready for your first ride. For new electric gears disconnect and store the battery in a dry place, you don't want it corroding in the battery case over winter.

Brake check

Check your brake pads – do you need to have new ones ready for the spring? Check your rims as well. Clean and wipe down those disk brakes and check the disk pads as well.

True your wheels and tighten those spokes

There’s no better feeling than getting your summer bike out of storage, pumping up the tyres and being able to fly down the road while your bike makes a b-line straight for the horizon – no wobble or creaks.

Give your tyres some TLC

For tubeless tyres you should check your tyres regularly and spin them to stop any sealant settling in one place. Better, use the winter to refresh the valve and sealant.

For all tyres pump them up and keep an eye on them over winter, one of the best ways to find that slow puncture. Don’t let your rims bear the weight of the frame – otherwise you risk your wheel rims damaging them with undue stress. Thats the tyres job.

Prepare the storage space

Make sure there’s nothing that will fall on or lean against your bike. Take special care to keep your spokes free from objects in your storage space that might wreck the true of your wheels – try not to pile your bikes on top of each other and use bike racks where you can. Think about a dust cover.

You’re much more likely to get on that bike if you know it good and ready. But why wait for the sunshine to return, that's what your winter bike is for so get out there and keep warm.

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